Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 Pheasant Meat Feast 1kg


Benyfit Natural’s Pheasant Meat Feast recipe is a flavoursome combination of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. The 80-10-10 formula is designed to mimic a wild canine diet, delivering a rich, nutrient-dense meal that your dog’s sure to love.

80% wild British pheasant, 5% ox kidney, 5% ox liver, 10% wild British pheasant bone

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Ethically sourced human grade ingredients: wild British pheasant, ox kidney, ox liver, wild British pheasant bone

Product Analysis: kcal/100g 278, Dry Matter 56.4, Protein 27.9, Fat 19.68, Ash 4.8, Fibre 0.3, Calcium 0.9, Phosphorous 0.7


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