Benyfit Natural Mini Perfect Puppy Chicken 200g

Benyfit Natural’s delicious Tender Chicken blend uses the highest quality, locally sourced muscle meat is combined with fresh vegetables and botanicals providing all of the nutrients your puppy needs for development in one complete convenient 200g meal.

Benyfit Natural also add Verm-X to their puppy meals, providing further vitamins, minerals and trace elements to contribute to overall health and wellbeing of your pup. As well as the natural and effective control of intestinal hygiene, the herbal ingredients in Verm-X formulation provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to overall health and well being. Using this product alongside regular worm counts may lessen the need for regular chemical worming. Go to for more information about the benefits of this product.


Human grade British ingredients: chicken with bone, liver, kidney, heart, flaxseed oil, egg, kelp, celery seeds, alfalfa, nettles, psyllium husks, clivers and wild yam.

Moisture: 69.6, Protein: 13.6, Fat: 11.25, Ash: 2.70, Fibre: 0.30


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