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Benyfit Natural Senior Care Chicken 1kg

Premium raw dog food lovingly prepared by Benyfit Natural. A truly satisfying and healthy meal to support your very best friend in their senior years. Elderly dogs need extra care – to keep them fit, mobile, healthy and loving life.

Our Senior recipes include glucosamine to promote healthy cartilage and synovial fluid production; chondroitin to help repair connective tissue and maintain cartilage; and MSM to maintain the strength of connective tissues.

Results in visible signs of healthy skin, teeth and gums, glossy coat, better digestion and strong bones.

Human grade British ingredients: chicken with bone, liver, kidney, heart, broccoli, carrot, swede, flaxseed oil, egg, kelp, celery seeds, alfalfa, nettles, psyllium husks, clivers, wild yam, glucosamine, chondriotin & M.S.M.

Adult Working Dog Complete Raw Food – 80% meat, bone and offal, 19% vegetables & 1% egg, flax seed oil, kelp, herbs & joint aid (glucosamine,  chondroitin  & M.S.M)

Moisture: 68.5, Protein: 12.70, Fat: 11.61, Ash: 2.50, Fibre: 0.60




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