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LickiMat Sprinkles – Chicken & Broccoli BB DEC 23

Lickimat Sprinkles are hand-baked crushed biscuits ready to sprinkle on LickiMats. They are healthy, fresh and super tasty and they have no added sugar and are wheat free.

The perfect partner for Lickimat, simply wet the mat or wobble mat with warm water and sprinkle these little dried flakes biscuit on to the surface. Getting into all of the cracks and crevices, these sprinkles are delicious for dogs or cats as a sensory activity for keeping them licking and engaged. A little treat goes a long way – when the Sprinkles are used in conjunction with a Lickimat, it can take your dog up to 40 minutes to clear! You can even on top of peanut butter, raw food or natural yogurt.


No added sugar, salt or dyes

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