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Finer By Nature Diatomaceous Earth 1kg

Premium amorphous food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from plant derived diatomite rock, with unique properties designed by nature ‘Organic’ approved feed additive for dogs, cats and some other domestic pets. Helps to maintain good nail, skin and coat condition.

Product has been approved as a feed additive means it is perfectly safe to offer to your pet. Can be fed and applied topically for fleas and other parasites

Works well on its own or can be used alongside other natural products

A totally natural way to fight all sorts of unwanted parasitic visitors or can be used safely around the house should your pets transfer their fleas to the carpet or other areas which is often the case (even if you don’t think it is)

What is Diatomaceous Earth – DE?

DE is a very fine powder created from the shells of millions of microscopic creatures called diatoms. Diatoms absorb silicates from the water to create the shells. When they die they sink to the sea bed. Over time sea levels change and layers of DE are exposed and mined.

How does DE work?

DE kills mites, ticks, fleas etc by absorbing the waxy layer which these creatures produce on their outer layers, drying them out and killing them

  • Natural Diatomaceous Earth
  • 100% food grade
  • support digestive wellbeing
  • Anti-Flea
  • Anti-Tick
  • Anti-Mite
  • Absolutely no chemicals
  • Use often
  • Economical
  • Good digestive aid and colon cleanser
  • Tasteless and odourless

Guide for Feeding

Feed DE over the course of 1 month to ensure the product has a chance to work through your dogs system.

  • For dogs up to 25kg feed up to 1 x teaspoon per day mixed in food
  • For dogs over 25kg feed up to 1 x tablespoon per day mixed in food
  • In both cases build up over the course of 7 days. DE is tasteless and odourless
  • Repeat as needed

Applying Externally
DE can be applied to your dog externally for fleas, ticks, mites etc. To apply, sprinkle the DE over your dog and then using your hands rub the powder in ensuring it reaches the skin surface. Take care around the eyes as the drying nature of DE can be an irritant. Its advisable to apply DE to your dog outside as it often creates dust that may be dry out eyes and airways.

Use gloves if needed as DE will have drying effect on your hands

Use DE on pet bedding and around the house by sprinkling an even layer of DE and leave to take effect. Leave down for up to 7 days and if needed apply more and keep applying until your pet’s fleas have been removed.


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