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Paleo Plus Strawberries & Cream 300g

Paleo Plus Strawberries and Cream is a 100% natural dog treat with kefir and an impressive array of sustainably sourced super-foods, and strawberries for their nutritional excellence. Suitable for puppies from 14 weeks, adults, and senior dogs. This product is great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Perfect for keeping pet pooches cool this summer, these frozen kefir-based cubes are made using the highest-quality ethically sourced ingredients including kefir, a probiotic that helps maintain good gut health. Formulated using the latest scientific and nutritional research, ‘Strawberries & Cream’ offers a unique blend of antioxidant superfoods to provide an immune boost and tasty treat for dogs. Each cube includes a portion of Berry Good; Paleo Ridge’s fab superfoods mix with diced strawberries in the frozen kefir.

Ingredients: Kefir, Strawberries, Berry Good Mix


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