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SmartBarf – Natural Supplement 500g
SmartBarf makes it easy to give dogs on a raw or home prepared diet the beneficial nutrients and vitamins of a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds and more.

SmartBarf™  have spent years researching the best ingredients for a healthy balanced diet, and they prepare and mix them all for you, saving you time and money.

Containing over 50 different herbs & vegetables, seeds & nuts, fruits & berries, and pulses, SmartBarfis a 100% natural source of essential and varied oils, minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

  • No need to add coconut oil
  • No need to add kelp
  • No need to add hemp oil
  • No need to add vitamin C supplements
  • No need to add omega 3, 6 and 9 rich oils
  • No need to add lecithin
  • No need to add prebiotics
  • No need to add brewer’s yeast


SmartBarf – just add meat, and the meal is complete!

40% herbs, vegetables and seaweed (leafy greens, root crops, Mediterranean herbs, meadow plants, seaweed)

40% seeds and nuts (meadow seeds, vegetable seeds, herb & spice seeds, tropical and woodland nuts)

10% fruits and berries (orchard, Mediterranean, tropical and hedgerow)

10% pulses (8 different beans)

While SmartBarf can be stirred into a suitable pet mince as a dry mix, it is better to re-hydrate it first, by adding hot water and allowing it to cool before stirring it into the mince. Re-hydrated SmartBarf can be stored in a fridge for up to 7 days or frozen.

One 500g box makes 35 daily portions for a medium size dog.

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