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The inspiration behind Murphy’s Doggy Deli is Murphy the Alaskan Malamute. Murphy began his raw fed journey as a very young pup with ongoing digestive issues. After trying several premium brands of kibble to no avail, I began to research raw feeding. He was switched to a raw diet – and I saw an almost instantaneous improvement! Watching him thrive on this most natural of canine diets has inspired me to help spread the raw-feeding word.

Whether you are new to raw feeding or a long-time enthusiast, we stock some of the best names in the raw food business. With over 300 products to choose from, no minimum order requirements and fast delivery to your door across Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, we aim to make feeding your pet a varied and balanced raw diet as easy as feeding a commercial diet.

We would love to hear from you so if you have any questions, please do get in touch!

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Why Feed Raw?

Transitioning your dog to Raw

Free advice sheet that you can download now.

Dogs are facultative carnivores

In order for dogs to thrive, they require a meat based diet. Dogs are facultative carnivores – while they can eat a plant based diet, their teeth, jaws and digestive system are designed for eating meat. Their teeth and jaws are perfectly evolved for ripping and tearing at chunks of meat and crushing bones.

Some dog foods contain just 4% meat

The principle ingredient in mass produced kibble is grain – cheap and plentiful but of no nutritional benefit to your pet. Some dog foods contain just 4% meat and is bulked out by cheap fillers such as rice. Your dog’s digestive system struggles to deal with the grain, preservatives and additives in commercial diets and this may cause health issues.

Improve Your Pet's Digestion

If you have a dog with a tendency to have an upset tum, feeding a raw diet with none of the added nasties may mean you see a huge improvement in your pet’s digestion. A species appropriate diet contains only 100% natural ingredients – just meat, bone and offal! Some popular brands add beneficial fruits, vegetables and herbs to their recipes as well for added goodness.

Balanced Diet

We know eating a fresh, healthy and balanced diet is good for us – why should it be any different for our precious pets!

Some of the benefits of feeding raw:

  1. Improved digestion
  2. Increased energy
  3. Helps to reduce allergies and alleviate itchy skin
  4. Cleaner teeth
  5. Fresher breath
  6. Glossy coat
  7. Happy dogs – chewing chunks and bones releases endorphins, one of the happiness hormones!
  8. Can help reduce inflammation or stiffness of the joints
  9. More enthusiasm for eating their dinner
  10. Smaller, less smelly poos!


Fiona R

Amazing service! Murphy’s Doggy Deli got me out of a huge hole when my normal supplier of Benyfit Natural let me down!! Ordered and delivered to me at home within a matter of hours! 5 out of 5 all the way! Will definitely use them again.

Tracey C

So glad I’ve found a local supplier of a good selection of raw food and treats for my dogs. Very much a deli where there are lots of good quality brands to choose from. Quick, efficient and very friendly service – would highly recommend!! laughing

Sarah Whiteley

Second to none, easy to order, and fast delivery.

Sue Farrell

Brilliant fast and efficient service, will be using them all the time in the future.


Very quick delivery.

Jo Sawyer

Fantastic service, I have been raw feeding for 9 years and this is the best we’ve ever had.

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