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Benyfit Natural Large Beef Marrow Bones x 2

Marrow bones provide a nutritious snack as they not only contain raw marrow but also provide a long lasting chew.

These bones keep your dog entertained whilst promoting good dental hygiene from gnawing on the bone.

  • Never feed cooked bones
  • Never leave a dog un-attended with a bone
  • Always feed bones appropriate to the dog’s age, size and breed
  • If storing in between uses, rinse the bone and store in a suitable container in the fridge
  • Normal hygiene rules apply for preparing and handling fresh/raw ingredients
  • Always dispose of any uneaten material after 24 hours post defrost



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2 reviews for Benyfit Natural Large Beef Marrow Bones x 2

  1. Lyn R. (verified owner)

    Luther and Zena really enjoy these bones they last for days!

  2. Lyn Richards (verified owner)

    My two dogs love these

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