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Benyfit Natural Meat Feast Turkey 500g

Premium raw dog food lovingly prepared by Benyfit Natural. A truly satisfying and healthy meal to assist itchy dogs with a yeast intolerance. This is most often caused by the sugars in vegetables and fruits and, once grain has been eliminated and itching is still persisting, swapping to a vegetable free diet will often stop the excessive itching and scratching.

This product is fantastic for anyone wishing to feed a nutritionally balanced diet free of vegetables for any reason and it will result in visible signs of reduced itching & skin irritations, healthy skin, teeth and gums, glossy coat, better digestion and strong bones.

Human grade British ingredients: turkey with bone, green lambs tripe, liver, kidney, heart, flaxseed oil, egg, kelp, celery seeds, alfalfa, nettles, psyllium husks, clivers and wild yam.


Adult Working Dog Raw Food – 99% meat, bone and offal, 1% botanicals, 0% grain or fillers.

Moisture 69.1%, Crude Protein 14%, Crude Fat 12.44%, Crude Ash 3.8%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Calcium 0.7%, Phosphorous 0.46%



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2 reviews for Benyfit Natural Meat Feast Turkey 500g

  1. Kelly Boatwright (verified owner)

    Good product

  2. Kelly Boatwright (verified owner)

    Very good

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