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Benyfit Natural Tasty Turkey 1kg

Premium raw dog food lovingly prepared by Benyfit Natural. A truly satisfying and healthy meal for your very best friend.

Human Grade British Ingredients: turkey, venison & rabbit with bone, liver, kidney, heart, broccoli, carrot, swede, flaxseed oil, egg, kelp, celery seeds, alfalfa, nettles, psyllium husks, clivers and wild yam.

80% meat, bone and offal, 19% vegetables & 1% egg, flax seed oil, kelp & herbs

Moisture: 70.30, Protein: 15.80, Fat: 9.48, Ash: 3.00, Fibre: 0.20


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3 reviews for Benyfit Natural Tasty Turkey 1kg

  1. Karen Cadec (verified owner)

    5 stars

  2. Jean Strong (verified owner)

    Dogs happy

  3. Sarah Whiteley (verified owner)

    my dogs love it

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