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*CHRISTMAS!* Benyfit Natural A Turkey Christmas Dinner 500g

New for Christmas: a delicous Christmas dinner for your dog!

Benyfit Natural’s Turkey Christmas Dinner contains a mix of seasonal vegetables including parsnips, broccoli, carrots and brussel sprouts. These hearty vegetables are seamlessly complemented by the sweetness of cranberries and the goodness of quality fresh free-range Turkey crown to create a complete Christmas meal for your dog!

Limited stocks so grab yours now!

Ethically sourced human grade ingredients: Free Range Whole Turkey with Bone, Ox Heart, Ox Liver, Ox Kidney, Carrot, Parsnip, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cranberries, Flaxseed Oil, Kelp, Turmeric, Celery Seeds, Alfalfa, Nettles, Psyllium Husk, Clivers and Wild Yam

Packaged in a 500g fully recyclable container, this will make a lovely festive treat.

80% meat, bone & offal, 20% vegetables, 0% grains & fillers


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