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Naked Pup – Rabbit 2x500g

With a finer blend, single proteins and inulin for digestive support, these Naked Pup meals are masterfully made with the wellbeing, health and growth of puppies in mind.

Each and every Naked Dog meal is focused on what’s right for the wonderful dogs of this world, giving them exactly what they need. There’s nothing to hide in any of our meals, that’s why we’re Naked!

Rabbit 90% (Rabbit Meat, Rabbit with Bone, Rabbit Liver), Butternut Squash, Seasonal Greens, Blueberry, Raspberry, Hemp Oil, Inulin/Chicory Root, Kelp


Moisture 73.5%, Protein 14.3%, Fat 8.5%, Ash 4.7%, Fibre 2.0%


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